Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Puzzling Experience with GlobAllShare

GlobAllShare is a social networking site which I joined some time ago. My previous post presented them on this blog already but I think they are worth a follow up discussion. My experience there has been good. To date it has been a good place to share my writing. There is something I don't understand though. It appears as though everyone thinks this opportunity is too good to be true. It must be some kind of scam that is going to come back and bite me.

I have shared my referral link ( on all other social media sites that I advertise on within their various rules. To date I have had a grand total of two people sign up underneath me. One is my wife Francine and the other is a person from work who did it as kind of a little favour. Evidently my social circle thinks this is poison.

I don't understand. If it never pays me a dime, so what. I advertise my writing there. It brings views to my Bubblews writing which pays me directly. It draws attention to my blogs which will hopefully also bring in a significant income in the long run. Francine posts her Bubblews articles and her artwork for sale on Fine Arts America. So if they never do pay, We've still come out ahead. The only information that we have shared with them is publicly available. I honestly do not see a downside to this.

As of my last official report I have accumulated 34 shares estimated value $1156.96. Estimated monthly dividend is at $82.62. What if that does become real? All I've done is share the same things I share on Facebook where I don't get paid one thin dime. My activity on GlobAllShare will earn shares until their launch promotion period ends at the end of March. I do not understand why any artist or writer who uses social media to advertise their work would not take advantage of this. If it doesn't give what's advertised, you will still walk away with a certain amount of worldwide exposure. I do that on social media anyway.

After the promotion period ends the only way anyone will get shares in this company is if they pay cash to buy them. I won't be spending cash to buy them. Personally I'd love to have ten or twenty times the number of shares I have. That would put me along way toward the stated goal inspiring this blog. I'm not going to twist anyone's arm though. You can sign up and do what I'm doing or you can ignore it. I might only gain a little bit of worldwide exposure for myself but I'm might get more. I don't see how I can lose.

If you want to sign up my referral link is:

I will likely post on this again declaring it a success or a failure. If it is a success I can't reach back in time and bring anyone else along with me.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

This Has Piqued My Interest

Bubblews is an interesting social networking concept and that is going very well for me by the way. One of my friends from there has introduced me to another site that is trying to grow via a different mode. The site is called GlobAllShare. It is set up in a way like Facebook. Their vision is to become worldwide much like Facebook has done. To grow though they have offered shares in the company in exchange for referrals to the site for the first group of people who join. Social networking is important to my writing career so I signed right up. My referral link is : I don't know what kind of residual income this might create but I think I'd be stupid to ignore it. It's a place to flog my blogs and show off my stuff. If enough people sign up as my referrals that could add an interesting wrinkle to this exercise.

If you have any idea how much Facebook makes from advertising, shares in a company like this might prove valuable. Below is a copy of the email outlining how it all works.

Hi Pico!

Be an owner

The largest social networking websites of the world realize a revenue of several billions of dollars annually by enabling all free use of their websites for their users.
The aim of GlobAllShare is not merely to enable free use for the users, but to make them feel the global community their own and thereby they will shape it as they find it appropriate. That is why GlobAllShare ensures ownership status to each user in the form of free shares during the pre-organisation stage.
Each member of GlobAllShare, who joins to the community during the pre-organisation stage and contributes to the global growth thereof, may get GlobAllShare shares continuously all gratuitously and each month will receive dividends from the global profit in proportion of the shares owned after this venture is launched.

Have your share from the global profit

GlobAllShare shares its global profit with its users, who have contributed to the global growth and spreading during the pre-organisation period.
After the venture is launched GlobAllShare's shareholders will receive each month their dividends from 70% of the global profit in proportion of the shares owned, thus every shareholder will get a constant monthly earning.
But the shareholders of GlobAllShare will not merely get a monthly dividend, but may also sell their shares at face value, earning an immediate and large sum this way.

Get your own shares

You may also get your shares in the GlobAllShare community simply during the pre-organisation stage. All you need to do is to invite your friends and acquaintances to the GlobAllShare's website.
If you have invited 5 of your friends successfully, you will get 1 GlobAllShare share straight away. But you may not merely get shares after inviting your own acquaintances, but after each further user invited by your friends as well, moreover after your friends' acquaintances too, because through 7 subsequent levels after each of your friends, who realizes 5 successful invitations you will also get 1 more GlobAllShare share.
If you have invited 5 of your friends successfully, you will get 1 GlobAllShare share straight away. But you may not merely get shares after inviting your own acquaintances, but after each further user invited by your acquaintances as well, moreover after your friends' acquaintances too, because through 7 subsequent levels after each of your friends, who realizes 5 successful invitations you will also get 1 more GlobAllShare share.

Continuous income

After your interests in the global community of the GlobAllShare you may have a continuous monthly income, since you are paid a dividend from the global profit in each month, in proportion of the number of shares you own.
If you have invited 5 of your friends to the GlobAllShare community successfully and your invited friends also invite 5 of their friends in 7 subsequent levels following you, then you may be entitled to the following dividend in each month.
level 15 invite1 GAS share
level 225 invite5 GAS share
level 3125 invite25 GAS share
level 4625 invite125 GAS share
level 53 125 invite625 GAS share
level 615 625 invite3 125 GAS share
level 778 125 invite15 625 GAS share
Total 19.531 GAS share
According to the example, you may get altogether 19,531 GlobAllShare gratuitous shares, after which you will be paid a monthly dividend after the global launching of the venture. If, for instance, you are paid only $ 0.25 dividend from the global profit a month, you will get $5,000 a month. You may even get a dividend of monthly $0.5 or $1.0 after each of your shares, thus a monthly earning of $10,000 or $20,000 may easily be generated.
You can monitor the number and value of your shares as well as the sum of your monthly dividend at the WebOffice permanently.

Instant money

As a member of the GlobAllShare community you may not only get a monthly income in the form of dividends, but a large amount of money as well since you may sell your shares immediately.
After the global launching of this venture you may sell your shares at face value, thus making a large amount of money instantly. Let us take an example: if the face value of the shares is $10 after launching of the business and according to the example above you own 19,531 GlobAllShare shares, you can sell them for altogether $195,531, so you earn a great sum immediately. Obviously, the face value of the shares may easily reach $20 or $40 per share, depending on the number of persons using the GlobAllShare community portal throughout the world.
It should be noted that the users may acquire GlobAllShare shares only during the term of pre-organisation in line with their performance, therefore, at the global launching of the venture only those will have shares who contributed to the development of the GlobAllShare.
After the initiation of venture not any further shares will be issued, thus shares may be purchased from those exclusively who were involved in the global establishment of the network and received shares for their contribution.

Best regards,
The globallshare team

Anyone interested should by all means sign up. I'm already there under my penname.  I would be grateful to anyone who takes the time to sign up under my name. I will post occasional reports on this blog to let people know whether this venture has been worth my while or not. Here again is my referral link:

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Substantial Webzine Traffic Increase

Published the second edition of Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road  yesterday. The hope was to double last months page views. The target was 400. I don't think that was too conservative but we have blown that away. Right now the count for December is nearly 500 and still climbing. Before the end of the month I am expecting to triple what we got in November.

As always I would have liked to have accomplished more, I think we're on the right track though. One of the primary goals was to increase readership. That part seems to be going well considering I've not spent a dime on promotion. I would like to double the page views again next month and we'll see what happens. Advertising isn't doing much at this point. I've signed up with Chitka and Bidvertiser and I can't say I'm terribly impressed with the performance at this point in the game. I will be pursuing other advertising options. I have ideas and I think they will do well.

Another area where I can claim some success is having attracted another writer to the cause. I don't have to write everything myself. That is another leap forward. This webzine was never intended to be just about me. This is not only a step in the right direction for readership but also insures that it has at least a chance at longevity.

I have to find a way to made an emailable version of the webzine probably in pdf format. That will be a great option for back issues. That in itself though is a great deal of work. Somewhere along the way we have to make a little money too. That's probably a bigger priority. Focus on advertisers this coming month. That's my intention anyway.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Textmaster Fail

When I started this blog I promised to share my successes and failures. This one is a failure and there may well be a few useful lessons in it.

I subscribe to a newsletter called "Freedom With Writing" where I found a very recent review of Good place for beginning freelancers to get started. Very new so you're kind of getting in on the ground floor but you'll have to put up with a few site teething issues and growing pains. Sounds like an opportunity right up my alley. Only downside was a complicated sign up/application process.

The application process wasn't really complicated. It did take time and thought though. Personal introductory paragraphs take a great deal of thought. The idea is to my a positive introduction that gets people's attention in the right way. That part took most of the time I spent on this. The other part was classifying my skills. They had categories and I always find that difficult in the sense that I second guess my choices. Took me a little more than an evening to do the initial application after the sign up.

I was thinking, so far so good. The next step was to apply for either copywriter, proofreader or translator. That is where the process ended for me. They don't need anyone who does English, Italian, French, Japanese or Korean. I was quite irked at that point. The site could have posted that they had enough people for those languages up front instead of the final stage of the application process. I wouldn't have wasted my valuable time then. I'm sure I'm not the only writer that walked away with a bad taste in my mouth.

Couple of lessons illustrated here.

First one is that freelance writing is a very competitive field. There are a ton of writers just like you looking for writing opportunities online. A company or website with a finite number of openings available will likely be filled up very quickly.

Second lesson is that if a "hot" opportunity is offered in a widely available newsletter it'll be stone cold by the time you call up their site and finish applying.

My focus right now is a little scattered so maybe that is part of my problem. I will continue to plug away and refine my approach as I go. This is all a learning process.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Some Stuff Seems to Work This Week

Launching a webzine is one thing. Making it payoff is quite another. My budget for promoting and building a readership is zero. Not that I'm not willing to put cash into it. I just don't have any to spare right now.

I did register with a whole pile of search engines. At this point I can't see any significant increase in my page views that can be attributed to that. There might be a longer term payoff but right now I don't see it. Mostly what I get from them is ads that invite me to spend money on traffic directly or improving my SEO content. I believe I can improve my SEO writing without spending any money.

One thing I did that is making an impact on my page views is spending time talking to other cyclists on I have added my cycling website to my signature there. This way it is added to every single one of my posts there. I also wrote a post specifically flogging my webzine. I am getting traffic from there.

Another thing that came up through that website is a place to list my webzine on someone else's related webzine. I'm surprised to note that I am getting noticeable traffic from that site as well. I will have to pursue that further. There are a lot of people writing about cycling on that forum who have their own sites. Back links from them might do me a lot of good.

I continue to scour google for information on building my readership with my cycling webzine in mind. I hope to continue growing that product. During the week I did do some work on the layout of the site. I'm a little bit happier with it than I was. Some of those changes are reflected on this site as well.

A bigger project looming on the horizon for me is advertising. I think I've laid the ground work for better advertising on all my sites. I will be working on improving that over the coming weeks as well. I'm not real happy with the 23 cents earned so far on my current advertising. Granted in their defense I don't have very high volumes of traffic at this point. Still my traffic is better than double last month on both new sites and my blog is doing better as well.

I will keep updating all my progress here each week. Maybe one of these weeks I'll have discovered something that will make a big difference. Right now we keep plugging away.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Webzine Launched

Not a whole lot of time to spend on this site this week. Focused most of my attention on launching my webzine. Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road is now out there. The big job right now is promoting it and building a readership. I don't expect this to happen over night.

The site url is I will be publishing monthly. This edition is the December one so I'm planning to put the second one out there either right near the end of December or the first week of January.

I will continue to tweak the site and pursue advertising. The hope is that advertising will bring in enough income to make this whole exercise worthwhile. If you are a writer and a cyclist this site is designed for you. If you like to read come and have a look.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Forum Content Writing Does Pay

The first online work I found that paid me any money was forum content writing. It did pay and as far as effort went it wasn't that far off what I do right now through Bubblews. The work isn't as easy though. It requires good creative writing skills and researching skills. I would consider going back to supplement our income, but I'm hoping to do better with the time I have.

I started with Kickstart Your Forums. They still exist but I haven't been active there in years. No complaints from me about them. I worked and I got paid for my work. There are other similar programs out there. Use Google to find them. Most of them follow a similar mode of operation.

To get started you have to sign up for the site. You will get limited access to their internal forums where you are required to make some posts before submitting your work for evaluation. This will give their administrator a chance to make sure that your written language skills meet their standards. It will also give them an idea of how well you write and how well you follow instructions. Get it right and if they have room for you, you'll have a job.

To maximize your earnings potential you'll have to create multiple pseudonyms complete with their own email addresses. As a writer I found it useful to write a brief bio for each. This will allow you to take more than one job slot on each program. My maintainable alter egos were two men and two women of different ages and distinct personalities. I found this part of the job challenging and fun. I did carry on an online argument with myself on one occasion. The object is to appear to be real people. Great exercise for creative fiction writers.

The main downside was claiming job slots. When they were announced, they were up for grabs. You snooze you lose. The problem is, I didn't know when they were coming and with a full life beside that work, I just didn't have time to keep checking for jobs. People with smartphones have a clear advantage. They can set their account up to send them an alert the moment work comes available and then get on their Internet, check it out and get first choice of the job slots. I don't have a cellphone at all and I don't think I can justify getting one so that I can excel at this. The work would have to pay for my cellphone plan with data on top of making me additional income because right now those are expenses I don't have. The result was that I ended up working a lot of leftover jobs and waiting on the sidelines for other workers to screw up, so I could take over their slot on the contract. Nice to be considered a go-to writer by administrators, but I'd like to get prime picks as well.

If you can work for more than one site and already have a smart phone, you can make a modest consistent income. Like any real job they will expect reliability or you'll be out the door.  For what it's worth: Forum content writing was at times a lot of fun.